For my 19th Birthday back in June I ventured to Paris with my boyfriend and a few friends for university.  Paris, I can imagine, is a place that is most likely on everyone’s bucket list, it was definitely on mine.   I’d never been before, apart from Disneyland Paris, which is also magical.

The disappointing part about it was we were only there for a day essentially due to the travelling.  The evening we arrived, everybody was knackered, we decided to visit the Arc De Triomphe, were we also came across Cleopatra’s Needle, the surroundings were lovely, and surprisingly quite peaceful.  Later that evening we saw the beautiful Eiffel Tower, for me it was by far the highlight of my trip, it was memorising to look at, all the little details of it.  At night on every hour, the lights were switched on, it was truly special – (There is a video on my Facebook Page & Instagram).

The following day we had a look around all the other touristy spots like Notre Dame, the Louvre, which was unfortunately closed, and back to my fave place at the tower.  Whilst we were there, the easiest way to get around was the metro service, I was genuinely surprised at the cleanliness of the capital city.  I loved the city vibe, it was busy all the time, I suppose that’s where the saying comes from, ‘the city never sleeps’.  Traffic was scary, I’m rubbish at crossing roads away, when I say rubbish, I mean it scares the life out of me, cars everywhere!

Next time I visit, I’d definitely want to stay for longer, the sad thing was the weather as well, it was pretty miserable.  Aside from that, I’m looking forward to the next time we go!

Au revoir paris merci de nous avoir!

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