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Welcome to my blog, my name is Sian and I’m a student dietitian at the University of Chester, I am originally from Rochdale, Manchester. I have always been a lover of good food, as we all are! I have always been a fan of the blogging community but never had the confidence to start myself, or knowing what I would write about I suppose. I decided it would be a good idea to blog about food related topics which coincides with my university work, along with sharing things I like or have been doing, even some of my university work that I think you may be interested in.

As I was growing up I always wanted to research things to do with the body, whether it be ‘How to get longer hair’, or ‘How to get whiter teeth’. Many of these things I researched would come back to basic health lifestyle hacks, all of which are very easy to take on board.  It used to amaze me all the things we can change and adapt of our bodies by using food. Nutrition is a vital part of everyone’s lives throughout their whole lives, minor changes can result in huge differences of a person, whether it be weight, skin condition, general health.

I am an enthusiast of a healthy lifestyle without making the sacrifices of not having a chocolate bar or a few extra carbs on my plate, food should make us happy and healthy.   Many of my posts will be recipes, and travelling, other than that I plan to do more fact-file types of blogs based around nutrition and lifestyle. I hope you find something you want to have a read of, please feel free to contact me at any point with questions, I use all my social media accounts regularly and check my emails daily (these can be found at the bottom of the page).

I want to be able to cater the needs of everyone on my blog of course, but being a student I want to make other people who are studying or perhaps living alone for the first time to understand that you don’t have to invest a lot of money into making good healthy food, I try to make my posts as cheap, easy and healthy, because it is cheap to be healthy.

Happy reading, have fun!

Sian x

Sian O'Dell

Sian O'Dell


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