I have been back at sixth form for 3 weeks and I can’t explain how it has flown by! I’ve had all the dreaded talks with my tutor and teachers about results and I’ve decided it’s time to get organised.  In general, I am most of the time, organised. I’m always writing stuff down, making to do lists etc.
But with school work I find it harder.
Making notes after and during lessons is a good way to sum up everything you have learnt so you can refer back to them for revision.  Last year I had made a revision timetable to structure all of my work equally and I quite enjoyed using it too.  I’ve made a new one this year too, I find it good to refer to and plan everything equally- it’s literally my life on paper.
Notebooks and diaries I find personally a must have I’m forever writing stuff down and I’m pretty sure I have memory loss or something so it comes in handy for dealings and homework.
Folders: organising papers and student notes and keeping everything in one place.  I’m resitting some exams from last year so my folder is full to the brim with bookletsome, work sheets and extra revision.
Find out your own revision style: how do you learn and how does it stick in your mind? You can do tests and quiz’ to find it all out online, mine is colour, diagrams and pictures- which I can understand.
My teachers have recently mentioned about extra reading i.e. magazines, articles, books etc.  To help get to grips with terminology and the technicalities of the examiners wording or questions.  This completely throws me so I have actually started reading more stuff and up to now it’s not too bad and I do find it quite interesting!
But overall, you shouldn’t forget to have a break and a chill, as much as I feel guilty the moment I’m not revising we shouldn’t put too much pressure on ourselves – something I know a lot about!
Slowly learning to relax – keep thriving!!
Sian. X

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