One of the most dreaded words of the century! And with summer now coming to an end… Before it begun, we need to get our bodies into gear.  I’ve found going to the gym early is probably the best way to start of my day and it really sets me up and gets me pumping for the forthcoming day.

It’s all about will-power and motivation.   From getting up in the morning to actually working out and preparing ourselves for the day.  First thing is first – Regime and Plan!  Get a plan going cause there is nothing worse than getting there and not having a clue what to, either tell yourself how many sit ups you’re doing, (or write it down if you’re useless, like me!)  To start with go easy on yourself cause I’d rather have too little on my program than too much and not be able to finish it cause I’m dying out of breathe on the floor and be disheartened.  And also be specific! If you are going to run, don’t just run. Example: Run for 10minutes on the treadmill with a speed of 7.5 and incline of 1.5, get it?

Once you’ve got your program sorted, your body will adapt it to and soon you will loose the results you had, so by increasing different aspects of your plan it will keep your body on its toes, by overload the body will change.  This is also a good way to track your progress, you see them all the time on Instagram etc, ‘Before & After’ photo’s, I’d do it maybe every month – Also super motivating!

As this post is focused on gym, there’s no reason why you can’t do any of this at home.  Gym is quite expensive and can be a pain in the neck sometimes.  I recommend browsing Google Play Store and work with the apps cause they will definitely make a difference.  If you’re busy like I am, this will probably suit yor lifestyle more and again, works the same. Gym at home all the way!

Resting is key! Don’t forget this hard work deserves a rest.  Plus with your muscles working hard they will hurt after the workout or the day after, this is called DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness), this is why we should cool down too, to try and prevent this.

Do your research if you want abs, see what different exercises you need to do to work all the muscle in your core.  Specific exercises are vital for your dream body shape.  Don’t get too caught up though – you don’t want huge biceps and skinny weedy legs do you? Your workout Plan has to work so all your muscles are growing and getting toned together.

Last but not least, general health is a huge part of losing weight and/or being toned and strong protein is good for repairing muscle after a workout, foods like chicken, nuts milk or a protein shake are perfect.  Water is key for hydration and mental preparation.  After a workout you will be feeling pretty amazing (and tired) or what you have accomplished in the time you’ve been there.  Serotonin is a hormone released when you exercise which causes this feeling.  So when you feel fed up/ stressed/ angry/ upset, EXERCISE is the answer!

Sian x

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