Eyes are for falling in love with therefore they must be (stereotypically) the most beautiful part of our face.

My eyes aren’t the biggest, and although I do quite like my eyes, I’d like them to stand out more and look a tiny bit bigger.  The things I’ve been trying and. have worked, some being natural and others worked by the magic of make-up!

My skin is very pale as it is but I tend, if I can, to buy concealers that are slightly lighter than my skin to help highlight my face and allowing certain parts to look illuminated and brighter. When using concealer I always cover up my dark circles this also helps to brighter the area and cover up the dark patches.

Believe it or not eyebrows shape your face especially, nice tidy eyebrows make such a difference to face, so get plucking or booking in an appointment to have them shaped/tinted you’ll be thankful for it!

A girls best friend! To lengthen lashes and define the eyes making them look more open and awake.  Even a swipe of a brush in the morning can make a slight difference to our eyes upper and lower lashes for best results.

Eye liner
Create a bolder look by adding a sleek black line to you’re eye, I would advise not to go under the eye but upper lash line and lid are safe.  There are trillions of ways to do your eye liner these being some of them…

You’re gonna be like ‘Siân, what are you talking about!?’, but honestly!  Bags and dark circles under our eyes, whose with me?
Okay I used to do this all the time, so to start off close your eyes and place your finger in the inner corner of your eye , press down firmly but not so it hurts and gently circle the finger and move down and along your eye underneath both eyes.

Eye cream
Whatever makes and brands, creams, gels you abide by,  I recommend you apply them creams with your 4th finger, this is because less pressure is applied to the area this way going under your eyes and above them along your brow bone.
On occasion I actually swear by Vasaline, I remember seeing it used on a tutorial for dark circles especially and after a couple applications they had for sure reduced. If you want to try this apply as you would a normal eye cream but make it thicker under your eye.

I usually do this before I go to sleep because vasaline is shiny, when sleeping it just absorbed straight into skin over the period of time.

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