Salads are so quick and easy to throw together and this one only has 5 ingredients so anyone could do it! With only 10-15 minutes to wait for the chicken to cook it’s a quick on the go meal. Remember you can make this to meal prep for the following day too, which makes it the perfect work meal.


1 chicken breast

Handful of lettuce

1 whole tomato

1 spring onion

1 wedge of cucumber (about 2cm of stick)

Quinoa – see package for serving suggestions

Black pepper and oregano



  1. Add oil to a pan and fry the chicken adding in black pepper and oregano
  2. Cook the quinoa according to packaging
  3. slice salad and add to  plate/bowl and set aside
  4. Add in the cooked chicken and quinoa, mix in and serve.

Nutrient breakdown

This is an overview of all of the macro-nutrients (e.g. fat, carbohydrates, protein) and what individual ingredients of the recipe offer as a percentage to each nutrient.

Calories: 58% chicken, 28% quinoa, 5% tomatoes

Carbohydrates: 65% quinoa, 15% tomatoes, 11% black pepper

Of which sugar: 52% tomatoes, 27% quinoa, 9% cucumber

Fibre: 27% quinoa, 26% oregano, 20% black pepper

Protein: 84% chicken, 10% quinoa, 1% lettuce

Fat: 69% chicken, 20% quinoa, 4% cucumber

Of which Saturates: 72% chicken, 12% quinoa, 7% black pepper


Blackened chicken is my favourite because of the flavour the herbs give off!

Hope you like it, remember if you try these recipes out to #sianylou!

Love Sian x

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