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Here I have all my food related posts, including many of my homemade recipes, The Food Bible & Health Know How, each of the pages are different posts & information about food and diets.

Butternut squash & Blue Stilton risotto

Description Making risotto is great because it's very similar to past dishes, you can simply add as many veggies as you like and you know it will taste amazing.  This dish sprung from a little Coop recipe card which used butternut squash and blue Stilton cheese, it is...
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Vegan: Butternut Squash & chickpea Korma

Description I had a bash at another vegan recipe, however this one was unplanned, I was simple trying to use up some ingredients in the cupboards and fridge and Volia! It's quite funny how much I learnt when I was making this curry, I always wondered how Korma was...
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Ham asparagus & fusilli

Ingredients Pasta - package for serving suggestions 50ml single cream 2 slices ham 3 asparagus' 3 tbsp frozen peas 3 tbsp sweetcorn 1/2 yellow pepper Method Boil a pan of water, add in pasta Chop up the veggies and ham and add to a hot pan to soften Later add in the...
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Blackened chicken & quinoa salad

Description Salads are so quick and easy to throw together and this one only has 5 ingredients so anyone could do it! With only 10-15 minutes to wait for the chicken to cook it's a quick on the go meal. Remember you can make this to meal prep for the following day...
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Gammon & pineapple, roasties & carrot salad

Description I made this ages ago and writing it up is making me want to have it again soon! Gammon and pineapple is the perfect sweet-savoury combination pairing with with some herby potatoes and my childhood favourite carrot salad. When I was younger Carrot salad was...
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Health Know How

Hello Health…

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In these posts I’m going to be talking about our health in relation to food and nutrition, disease and nutrients we eat on the daily and how it can affect us.

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