For many years I have been battling to get my long thick hair. And after I chopped it off in October 2014 to a long bob it has now grown around 5 inches!

I am a big tips reader and I love to know the ins and outs about stuff like this so I read all the articles going. So here is a few of the tips that seem to be working for me!

1. A healthy lifestyle – honestly it’s not the whole no maccies deal and it isn’t completely changing the lifestyle you have already, certain things like more protein, vitamins and minerals and unsaturated fats, rather than fats and saturated fats in your diet. This will help hair growth by providing these this will strengthen and promote hair growth.
Some foods are chicken breast, nuts (unsalted), eggs, fruit and vegetables etc. Everyone goes crazy when the V word pops up and veg really isn’t a big deal, apart from having amazing hair it has never ending benefits all the way from your body to your mind, so get munching on your celery and celery-brate;) I had too…

2. Drink more water and detox regularly – I usually have 1- 1.75L a day and it’s not actually as hard as people think, I have a water bottle by my side every day and I don’t think I could live without it.
I drink herbal teas and I have recently purchased thin tea for detoxing so il let you know how that goes!

3. Use less products and ditch heat! – products like hair spray can do serious damage to hair by weakening it and heat is the same as, it frazzles hair making it weak and that’s why it snaps off. Shampoo and conditioners obviously wash hair by removing dirt and replacing oils in our scalp, sulphate based shampoo’s are more damaging to our hair, and lots of harsh chemicals.

4. Cut hair often, but not too often – trims should be often my hairdresser recommends for me every 4-6 months, this is so hair can grow from the last time it was cut it should be left, care for and then it will grow.

5. Try different hair styling – some hairstyles can actually do more damage than good, bobbles aren’t great for your hair as it cause cause it to break off.  I regularly use crunchies and invisibobbles, as there are no elastic it doesn’t grip hair as tight so less damage to our precious locks!  Plaits are also not great due to the hair being wrapped around tightly.

This doesn’t stop me from styling my hair though, I find as long as the routine is mixed-up and my hair can tolerate the changes.
Even sleeping with hair tied up can do so much for your hair, when you wriggle around on your pillow and your hair is down.

6. Hair care is key – I have actually trained my hair, yes it sounds crazy- I used to wash my hair every other night and now I wash it maybe once every 4 days! It sounds discusting, I know, but it helps restore the hairs natural oils.  Is it just me or does everyone go on about natural oils? It’s basically the grease from your hair right? And what it does is provide moisture from the folical where your hair grows from.  By leaving your hair with the oils provided more and more moisture and encourages hair growth.
This is why you shouldneed wash your hair too often. Shampoo strips the hair of natural oils and cleans it, conditioning products provides some of the oils whoch gives it a soft and sleek touch.

Hair care doesn’t only include washing hair, I have hair masks 1 every 2 weeks to provide an extra bit of of TLC.  Some are specific for example you can get split end treatment, shine treatment, repair etc. I change my shampoo’s regularly to, to prevent my hair getting used to it.

Hair brushes! My tangle teezer is my bloody best-friend! And I have numerous brushes for different uses.  I tend to use my tangle teezer when I have just got out of the shower and my hair is wet.  Hair is so … when wet and using hair brushes on it can be awful.  Using a wide tooth comb or tangle teezer are so much more beneficial.

Also you shouldn’t brush your hair all the time, I am I killer for this as my hair knots so easily, again, tangle teezer is my bestie!  I tend to brush my hair from the bottom and work my way upwards sounds strange right? But when I was younger lots of people used to tell me to brush my hair 100x every night which I wouldn’t recommend, especially when us girls rag our hair around quite a lot.

7. Head massages – so lots of people have mentioned this to me and I have read by experts head massages can increase hair growth, as well as other benefits. This is what we want – plus it gives us an excuse to relax!  The massaging actually stimulates blood flow to our heads which again helping the growth of hair.

Go grow some hair!

Sian x

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