This is the most subtle one I have tried out, so if you’re looking for a minimal costume and makeup this is the one for you!
For Makeup, I have started makeup as I would to go out in, as it is quite minimal  all you will need is your everyday makeup kit.
1. Primer, Concealer and Foundation. Powder or bronzer to suit you’re style.
2. Smoke up those eyes, add a little blush and lipstick.
3. For your cat look: Grab a black liquid eyeliner and paint on your nose and a few whiskers


Cat ears
Black disco pants
Black fitted top
Chunky belt
Coker necklace
Black Chelsea boots
A cat tail


If you’re going all out this year Id say this is the one for you.

Makeup, is a little technical but nothing you can’t do if you don’t have the products in you’re makeup bag you’ll for sure have them around the house…
Face paint: red, black,white
1. Use the white face paint to completely cover your face
2. Roll the tissue into strings and dampen and stick to face (they can fall off if too wet so just have patience)
With a paint brush, use the red face paint to bloch along the tissue to give it a cut/bloody effect.
3. On to the black face paint draw your stitch line across the tissue and blend in that red so it looks more gory.
4. Keep with the black paint and using a makeup sponge pat all around eyes, along your water line, fill in with a black eye liner to make eyes look fuller.
5. For lips, I used red lipstick and black eyeliner as a lip pencil and blender with a smudger from a eye shadow brush.

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