Seeing all the holiday posts on instagram really makes me jealous, I haven’t been away for forever! My last aboard holiday was Turkey, Marmaris in 2012 which was amazing I went away with my mum, brother Tommy, a close family friend and her daughter.

I’m currently learning to drive and with a bit of luck I am planning to pass before Christmas, as I want to go to the lakes because with it being Christmas time it’ll be all cute and beautiful so I’d like to spend a long weekend there for a pre-holiday.

Next year however, I want to do a summer vacation of about 10-14 days in somewhere in Europe that’s gorgeously hot with a beautiful beach and stunning hotel and pool with, of course, all inclusive.  I went into town on Friday when I’d finished college to the travel agents to get some brochures – which I didn’t even know you could do some I was stood their picking up all these books like a lunatic!

I’ve become a bit holiday-obsessed these days and I’m feeling very deprived of the sun, boohoo:(.  So, so, sooo excited about booking it though as it will be my first vacation without my parents.

And as I am a photo freak there will be many, many photo’s on my blog posts and instagram!!

Love Sian x

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