A week or so ago I venture out into Manchester to go onto the ‘House of Terror’ scare attraction for a pre-Halloween treat.  I have never been on anything like this before and thought I’d quite enjoy it, so because I had absolutely no clue what I was letting myself in for I decided to ask a few people what they are like, and the one response that stuck in my mind was, there was one similar in America and it was all over the news apparently because , people who attended had to have psychological treatment after they had been! I am by far the most dramatic person I know and I over-think absolutely everything that enters my mind so I was actually really starting to panic!

Once we’d arrived we were talking to the man on the door and all I could hear from the house was screaming and running.  I was terrified and was actually at one point not going to go in, but I sucked it up and  went for it.

In the end I actually really enjoyed it, I liked how they used different stigmas of ‘scary’ to create different atmospheres.
There was a funeral, butchers, circus, doctors, and church.

The only thing I would have improved was the length of time as it was quite short.
Other than that I really enjoyed it!

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