With only 1 days til the opening of Leeds Fest, I cannot tell you how excited I am to be going, of course, I don’t go til Friday Morning, as I weren’t lucky enough to do the full long weekend.  So instead my boyfriend, Robbie and I decided to go Friday through to Saturday and stay in a nearby hotel (Ooh the luxuries!).
Neither of us have been to a festival before so we can only imagine from what others have told us.

Me and Robbie came to a compromise as he wasn’t too into the idea at first so we looked at the line-up and he saw Kendrick Lamar’s name and jumped at the chance! I wanted Saturday simply because of All Time Low, I wanted to see them when I was in year 1 at school but non of my friends, at the time were into them, I was even thinking about going alone to the concert I loved them that much! So we’d decided Friday-His, Saturday-Hers.  As I don’t particularly listen to the music Robbie does, I figured I’d have to learn a few of the songs so I’m not stood in a big crowd with all these people around me rapping, and me looking like a lemon.  So I got Spotify and made a playlist – just preppin’.

Honestly, I can’t tell you how much I can’t wait for Friday morning. Bring on LEEDS FEST!

Sian x

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