So I needed a treat and decided to venture to superdrug and see what they have got.  My skin condition has recently been awful and I really needed that pick me up so I bought Simple products: day cream, facial scrub, face mask, daily cleanser and B. Products: micellar water and glycol cleanser.

I have never had an B. Products before and I was attracted to them by the descriptions of them and the packaging – such a bad excuse!  However, Simple, is one of my faves for skincare and it really suits my type of skin.


B. Glycolic cleanser- gorgeous is the only word to describe, it comes with the cleanser and a cotton wipe to take it off after use.  It explains how the cleanser will give instant results for skin and I’m telling you its true.  This is by far my favourite of those that I bought, as it leaves my skin feeling super soft and calm and I just adore it.

B. Micellar water- again lovely to use but makes my skin feel a hydrated but dry texture. I have been using this as a toner, and I’ve been really enjoying it, only moisturiser is a must afterwards.
Simple Oil Balancing facial wash- my new daily favourite, it’s not as exfoliating as I was expecting but isn’t too harsh on skin which is good.  Allows deep cleaning of pores and my skin feels so soft after use!
Simple Face mask – with face masks I tend to go for the exfoliating masks, but this one is more moisturising and hydrating.  Which is really nice on a good skin day to help restore natural oils.
Simple Face scrub – A gritty and moisturising texture, I scrub deep into the pores to get best results, the texture help exfoliate as well as keep skin feeling moisturised and clean.
Simple Day Cream – I love! I’m not to use this every morning as I like having different products to use. On a clean face feels really light which I like because I don’t feel drained as soon as I wake up.
Simple Cleanser and Toner – Confession: I have been using for many years and will carry on for many more, I really love a good paper sesh and this is always apart of mine! Swipe cleanser all over the face and remove with cotton pads, toner placed on the pad and also used across the face, at the end I always look at the cotton pad to see how much dirt has actually come off my face, it’s grose but suprising, try it!
I try to stick to a skin care routine it always helps with blemishes and spots! I always find my skin looks healthier when you do take the time to clean it properly.
What are your favourite products for face care?
Sian x

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