Throughout the month it’s now obvious that Winter is here, honestly I can’t stand the cold but I do love the winter vibes!
A few things that I have been using through November, here we go!
During the cold days skin care has to be up to scratch, we can’t be having any dry skin, hands or lips it’s a fear of mine.  So in my bag usually I have a spare lip balm for on the go and a hand cream.
Nivea gentle hand cream has been so nourishing, unlike my usual, Soap and Glory Hand Food, I’ve found the Nivea one has a lot more moisture and lasts so much longer.
Im a newby to Carmex lip balm and for the £1.50 for the tube and it’s the best £1.50 I’ve ever spent! It’s so moisturising and luscious on my lips and smells so dreamy.  The balm itself is squeezed out of a little hole in manageable amounts onto our lips and voilà the perfect sensation of cherry balm lips feeling totally smooth and moisturised, I can’t keep my lips off it!
So at the start of the month I ventured off to Primark and bought some new bits and then we went to the candle section. Well, I have a dear love for scented candles and had to sadly limit myself to only 3. Sweet Vanilla and coconut, Sweet Berry and Patchouli, and Sea Salt and Vanilla, although this one isn’t very wintery still smells amazing.
No7 lip gloss I purchased at the start of the month and I am loving!  I fell out with lip glosses a long time ago because I felt they were too sticky and my hair always stuck to them. But I gave this on ago and hoped for the best it turns out they are now a new favourite super shiny and suprisingly quite moisturising.
So my primark story continues I needed a new Nail file and for 4 for a pound with a case you can’t go wrong I thought the case was a smashing idea as every time I put a nail file in my bag it gets battered about because of all the other stuff in their. Problem solved.
I have to be truthful my bed is a favourite and will continue to be a favourite but recently ive found I don’t want to leave it in the morning it’s been a struggle to get up and seen as its now dark mornings the struggle is only getting harder and harder.  I have also a while ago changed around my room and decided to throw it in the middle on my room because it’s my favourite feature!
Avon night gel it’s now become a ritual at night once ibe taken makeup off or just having cleanse I have been putting on my night gel it’s so smooth on my face and I  actually feel like I want to go to sleep when I’ve put it on whether that be to the lack of sleep who knows? Ive never really had a night cream before but I won’t ever be without it from now on.
Hot drinks of course at night I dive in bed with a hot chocolate to keep me all toasty but in the afternoons and sometimes the morning I have been drinking herbal and fruit teas my favourite flavour has been berry but I also love lemon and citrus flavours, it so lovely to have a detoxifying drink for throughout the day.
Black jeans are without a doubt a wardrobe essential, I went to buy some new ones from H&M and can’t get out of them since! (Psst! I will be doing a 5 ways to wear post soon, so keep a look out.)
What’s your November Favourites?

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