This is one of my all time favourite songs.

Paolo Nutini is by far one of my favourite artists going, I’ve kinda grown up with the These Streets album released in 2006, so I was about 8 ish. My mum is quite obsessed with him herself and actually got to see him live at The V Festival once, convinced he looked at her and sang to her only of course.

Besides my mums crush, I am very fond of his music, in my opinion his voice is very unique and I love that he can play guitar as majority of the time I prefer acoustic versions of songs. However, Loving You being my favourite song of the album, I do love the album as a whole – I just love his music.

This song is such a soul felt song and in many ways relatable to me plus, it was by far my favourite to sing along to in my mum’s car.


Sian x

Lyrics here

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