Hello beauties!

I think I abuse these Monday posts to talk about how my life is going and to reflect on the week and since I have been doing I’ve felt a bit of a theme each week, which I’ve found pretty useful. It’s given me a bit of direction and indication on where I am, what I’m doing and what I need to be doing and it’s been really helpful.

Reflection is something I’d never thought I’d be good at or even get used to doing but surprising for me it works. It basically means to review something, for me I’ve been reviewing my week how it’s gone, how I’ve felt and how it could’ve been better.  And what better way to start Monday by reviewing the past week, I guess to see whether I want it to go the same way and to see what changes need to be made to ensure my happiness.

The quote above is something I found scrolling online and I instantly found a connection to it, last week has been a little half and half good and bad and I suppose that sums up Nikki Rowe’s quote. Growth is such a process and it’s a process we all go through but we don’t always recognise it. Over the past few months I have recognised it and it’s such an amazing feeling!

Everybody struggles and unfortunately it is a tough time in life, not everyone will understand your issues and you might not even be able to explain them, but it’s apart of a learning curve I’ve found and learning from your mistakes is the best thing you can do.

Not everyone will see your struggles but they will see how you’ve bounced back from them.

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