Monday has rolled around wayyyy to quickly, what do you say?

My quote for the day is black and white (or red and white) but you get the jist! I’m that person that has a sudden spurt of motivation or a gust of confidence but it never seems to stick with me for long. This is something I’ve been working on for a while because it’s purely down to ourselves, confidence isn’t something you can get from somebody else… unfortunately!

Confidence is one of the most beautiful things in a person, you can just see it within someone, whether your confident in yourself, the way you look and what you do.

One thing I always have to remind myself of is to NOT compare yourself to ANYONE, everyone is their own person, everyone is different, and why would you want to be like someone else when you can be you, no one else gets to be you and to take pride in that. It’s addictive to be confident, I love the feeling when it does happen, and we want it to stay.

Let’s be confident! – and may it never end.

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