The first week of 2018 is done! Hows it been? Productive… Not so productive, either way there is a brand new week ahead of us so make it worthwhile!

I want to talk about being kind, I think some people don’t realise the value of kindness and it’s only something I have come to terms with in the past year or so, I used to wonder how certain people in my life are so kind to others, it’s strange isn’t it, until you see it you perhaps don’t realise how nice some people are, but they are the best and most pleasant people to be around. With my experience the kindest people bring so much optimism and positive vibes to the table and it is a great feeling.

Not everyone is nice unfortunately, but I’ve found to not rise to it and be horrible back, but to be the bigger person and be kind. Sometimes it’s hard especially when things don’t go our way or if you’re not in the mood, for me personally when I’m not in a good mood, thinking about the positive outcomes rather than negative is the way to go. But nobody can say a word to you as long as you’re kind.

It’s actually a really beautiful quality to have, being all smiley and happy, optimistic and enthusiastic!

Kindness kills…

Love Sian x

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