Hows January everyone? I hope he’s treating you well, personally I am currently loving 2018 and last week I managed to get everything on my to-do list D O N E… Can you      b e l i e v e      it? I can’t…

I wanted to have a little chat about being lonely, I think there’s a lot of perceptions of loneliness and how it’s a ‘bad’ thing but I completely and utterly disagree, I couldn’t disagree more actually. Loneliness is certainly an unwanted feeling, it’s not pleasant in the slightest but I do believe you have to learn to be comfortable with your own company and it is strange at first!

I was 16 when I ‘learnt’ how to be alone, instead of being sad and feeling the loneliness I embraced it, and I’ve found the more you do for you the happier you are.  Don’t get me wrong at first it is difficult and it did upset me but it’s actually made me so strong and independent. I guess the first step is to find out what it is you love doing or what you’ve always longed to do, painting, reading, listening to music, dancing around your kitchen like a lunatic… Anything that makes you happy! Because that is the most important thing and the aim of our game. – And the aim is to not be bored…

When I’ve come across certain people they’ve always down played the things that make them happy, as if they can’t find things that interest them, sometimes it’s the small things do you like baking, have you always wanted to try something and never got round to it? (Mine was Kung Fu, which I am enjoying tremendously however my calves are breaking). My tip is to make a list, 10 things that make you happy whilst you spend time alone or things you like to, new things you want to try. It’s actually not lonely at all, I think you’ll be surprised.

Now I actually hate having to rely on other people and I’m pretty sure it’s because of all the time I’ve spent with me, I’m so used to conferring with myself when it comes to having to confer with others it agitates me.  I’m a strong believer of finding your own happiness, your happiness should come from you not anybody else, other people can make you happy of course, but your happiness from within you should be you making you happy.

Being alone doesn’t mean you have ‘no friends’ I’ve had that before, little do people know… Many people can’t be alone so if you can good for you!

You are responsible for your own happiness.

Be happy.

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