Happy Monday!

I hope all of you had a great week last week and got loads done, me on the other hand… I did not. Which is annoying but I’ve come to terms with it and decided it isn’t all that bad. Everyone has off days and weeks and mine was last week, I had no motivation or drive, always in bad moods and working myself up to the point where I lost more hope. But it’s so normal for that to happen.

So this week with it being a new week, I’m making myself get back on it, with work, university work, fitness plans, eating habits and trying lots of new things. One good thing that happened last week was I went to a salsa class I’d been planning on going to for a while which was soooo fun and I’m so glad I went, it was really sociable and fun and just a little bit sweaty ;).

What are you going to do this week? Are you trying anything new, a new recipe, a class, maybe even starting a new routine?

Whatever it is (let me know in the comments) and I hope you smash it! Have a great new week and be productive people…

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