So ready for Tune Tuesday, so this week my music for the week is all about Sam Smith.

I came across ‘Pray’ watching the Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and I was amazed with how good Sam’s voice is naturally, I have always had a place for Sam Smith’s music, especially Pray, I just find it so relatable. Along with the fact it’s a fantastic sing-along song and kind of reminds me of Adele because of the power and strength in the notes.

I love how this song has a religion element in it, for many people when going through a painful, stressful time religion and praying is something very comforting I’ve found, like in the song, you don’t have to believe or practice faith to have hope.

With 19 awards including Grammy awards Sam Smith’s music will continue to inspire.

What song can’t you stop listening to?

Sian x

Show me the lyrics

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