So to me, it’s now Christmas and i cannot wait for December 1st and that means colder-erdarker nights *sigh* but it also means things start getting a little more festive and magical!
Although some of you might not be in the Christmas spirit yet here is a few things that might change your mind.
For the many years we have spent Christmas together as a family we always run by our family traditions and here is a couple of them.

In the past few years more frequently, Christmas jumpers have become apart of everyone’s Christmas. Whether it be big and embarrassing or cute and snuggly (I have one of each!)
And after a long days work I know for certain that all I want is my bed! As we all know there’s not better feeling that having new, clean and fresh bedding on a cosy duvet.  With it being chilly at night, and Xmas on the way and we get home from work/college/school etc, all I want to do is light loads of candles and jump in bed with my festive sheets on and watch a Christmas film.
Whilst on the theme of the bedroom area a little extra you can do is room decor.  Now I’ll appreciate not everyone is as full on about Christmas as I am and barely have the time to put up a tree but I love nothing more than to get all the decorations out and lights and scenery.
One of our traditions is baking. So we all pick a recipe and bake our little socks off! Plus who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked cookies or homemade peppermint creams?
If you’re not so interested about baking then to get the Xmas scent I would always recommend scented candles.  I was in Asda the other day just sniffing all the Christmas scents Yankee Candle have, they’re delicious.
I feel like all I keep saying is ‘and what’s better than…’
This is the last one, promise, Hot Chocolate…Biscuits…Pyjamas.
Festive Pj’s are not only the cutest, but feel cosier because it’s cold. Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream finished by a dusting of chocolate sprinkles. What’s better?
How festive are you feeling for this Christmas?

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