Body butters, creams, oils, sprays you name it! Our skin should feel soft and silky like a baby’s butt!
I usually moisturise after a shower or bath to soften the skin, it also helps feel that little bit extra clean.
My family has quite sensitive skin, so I’m quite lucky and have been able to use many types of products on my skin. And these are just some of the faves!

It’s got to be up there, the one and only ‘Righteous Butter by Soap and Glory‘, S&G are a girls (and boys) best friend!  As it’s consistency is quite thick when applied to skin it feels nourishing and moisturises deep into the skin.  As well as smelling delicious it, it lasts forevvvvveeerrr! I had some many sets bought for me at Christmas and I literally have about 4 pots left.  Original Pink- Perfect in a tub.  Only negative is can be pricey but I think it’s well worth all those penny’s!

Avon’s Naturals, body care: I am definitely a fan of Avon’s range of products, and I have many of their lotion products too.  I bought two of these at the time but different flavors and I can’t tell you how much I am in-love with them!  The smell, the touch, the packaging, the little fancy glittery- sparkly shimmer.  The smell is by far a Christmas smell but it shimmers like we have a summery glow – which is confusing.  As the lotion is squeezed out the colours are in strips which adds a little touch of elegance.  Nevertheless, I have to say cheap as chips and is a must-have in my beauty cabinet.

Body Shop’s body butter in Mango, again, lovely, very much like Righteous Butter’s consistency and feel, amazing for dry skin.  Apart from mango being up there for my favourite fruits, it too, is blinking gorgeous!  Feels so good to wear on skin as it smells so lovely, although the aroma doesn’t last for ages it’s moisture does! I have a big pot full that will probably take me years to get through so I’ll have to get spooning it on.

French Connection , I got mine in the set on the link, I haven’t yet used the spray yet though.  The Cream alone I adore, this one is very plain (as in no scent, but has the clean smell if that makes sense?) which is great for sensitive skin as the fragrance won’t affect your skin,   also great for dry skin again, lots of moisture so therefore smooths the skin.  Isn’t expensive considering you have a travel bag included as well as the 3 products.  Only thing is, I really dislike the pump’s on the packaging because you can’t always get all of the lotion out (just getting my money’s worth)

Last but not least is my Calcot Manor De-Stress Body lotion, I actually received from my Grannie as apart of a present (not trying to tell me anything…), however I am very impressed, without sounding horrible, it’s quite gloppy and hard to rub in… But it’s fabulous on! Once again, comes in a huge tub (why they all so big?) It says it’s orange blossom with orchid flavouring, but I’ve never noticed the smell personally.  As it says on the tin it’s de-stress and I can say it definitely is, I usually wap it on after a nice long bath, therefore I will have had time to relax and then de-stress my body.

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