Recently completing Vicky’so 1st book I have got to say I cannot wait for the next one!  Personally I love her anyway, but I thoroughly enjoyed her book, it is the first book I have read since the ‘Fault in our Stars’ and is my first ever autobiography.
As usual you talk about your life etc in an autobiography and she does, it’s all about her background, working life, Geordie Shore, gaining and losing weight and her plans for the future.
I partically enjoyed her losing weight section, cause it’s up my street, but I find her so inspiring as a person as she is just a genunie women.  Lots of the parts of her life I can relate to as in friendships, relationships, goals and aspirations.  Her book has really opened my eye’s and as I said before she is truly inspiring to me.
I can’t wait to read her new one now, ‘All that Glitter’ and the new one ‘Christmas’s kiss’ which is out for Christmas – believe it or not!  And finally without a doubt I do recommend to a friend:)
Love Sian x

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